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The Oban Pros—Our Story on the Changelog Podcast

The Oban Pros—Our Story on the Changelog Podcast
Where we sat, on location in Edinburgh, and why is there a picture of a sauna?

We recently joined Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo on The Changelog to discuss the legacy of Oban Pro, hype Elixir as a mature niche, revisit freedom numbers, philosophize about freedom, and laud the beauty of mom-and-pop lifestyle businesses.

As their summary put it:

Today you get Sorentwo for the price of one! We are joined by Shannon & Parker Selbert, both halves of the mom-and-pop software shop behind Oban, the robust job processing library that’s been delivering our emails & processing our audio for years.

Listen to the full episode of Changelog & Friends 35: The Oban Pros below (we’ll add a transcript when one’s available).

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