Oban.Pro is delivered as a hex package named oban_pro, which is published privately to our self-hosted package repository.


Ensure Oban is installed for your application. It's probably there already, but just in case, follow these instructions to get started.


You need to add a new oban hex repo before you can pull the package into your application. Grab the OBAN_LICENSE_KEY from your account page and plug it into the mix hex.repo command:

mix hex.repo add oban \
  --fetch-public-key SHA256:4/OSKi0NRF91QVVXlGAhb/BIMLnK8NHcx/EWs+aIWPc \
  --auth-key $OBAN_LICENSE_KEY

Authenticating Other Systems

You'll also need to authenticate on any other development machines, build servers, and CI/CD instances.

There are guides to help with CI/CD tooling:

And guides for deploying to production:


Now that you're authenticated you're ready to add oban_pro as a dependency for your application. Open mix.exs and add the following line:

{:oban_pro, "~> 1.3", repo: "oban"}

Then fetch your dependencies:

$ mix deps.get

That's it! Pro is installed and you can start using extensions, plugins, and workers. Continue on to adoption and learn how to get the most out of Pro.