Web's realtime updates, counts, and charts are powered by the Met package. Met provides core monitoring and introspection functionality from a single automatically managed supervisor.

  • Telemetry powered metric tracking and aggregation with compaction
  • Periodic queue checking and reporting (replaces the Gossip plugin)
  • Periodic counting and reporting with backoff (replaces Stats plugin)
  • Leader backed distributed metric sharing with handoff between nodes

Usage in Worker Only Nodes

To receive metrics from non-web nodes in a system with separate "web" and "worker" applications you must explicitly include oban_met as a dependency for "workers".

# mix.exs
defp deps do
    {:oban_met, "~> 0.1", repo: :oban},

Auto Start

Supervised Met instances start automatically along with Oban instances unless Oban is in testing mode. You can disable auto-starting globally with application configuration:

config :oban_met, auto_start: false

However, note that a running Met instance is required for the Web dashboard to load and without one the dashboard won't function.