🧭 Oban.Web is a view of Oban's inner workings that you host directly within your Phoenix application. Powered by Oban Metrics and Phoenix Live View, it is distributed, lightweight, and fully realtime.

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📊 Realtime Charts

Powered by a custom, distrubted time-series data store that's compacted for hours of efficient storage and filterable by node, queue, state, and worker.

🛸 Live Inspection

Monitor background job activity across all of your nodes in real time.

🔬 Detailed Inspection

View job details including when, where and how it was ran (or how it failed to run).

🔄 Batch Actions

Cancel, delete and retry selected jobs or all jobs matching the current filters.

🎛️ Queue Controls

Scale, pause, resume and stop queues across all running nodes with a couple of clicks.

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🔍 Powerful Filtering

Intelligently filter jobs, with auto-completed suggestions across all fields.

♊ Multiple Dashboards

Mount multiple dashboards with isolated controls and configure exotic connections.

🔒 Access Control

Allow admins to control queues and interract with jobs while restricting other users to read-only use of the dashboard.

🎬 Action Logging

Use telemetry events to instrument and report all of a user's dashboard activity.