Oban Releases

Pro v0.10.0

Pro Worker

The new Oban.Pro.Worker is a replacement for Oban.Worker with expanded capabilities such as encryption, enforced structure, and output recording. In addition, because Batch, Chunk, and Workflow workers are based on the Pro worker, you can use all of the advanced options there as well.

Here’s a sample worker that’s configured for encryption, recording, and enforced structure:

defmodule MyApp.SuperWorker do
  use Oban.Pro.Worker,
    queue: :super,
    encrypted: [key: {Application, :fetch_env!, :secret_key}],
    recorded: true,
    structured: [keys: [:id, :ssn, :pin], required: [:id]]

  @impl Oban.Pro.Worker
  def process(%Job{args: %__MODULE__{} = args}) do
    # Use the decrypted and structured args and record the result!
    MyApp.Business.predict(args.id, args.ssn, args.pin)

# After the job runs, use `fetch_recorded` to view the return value
# => {:ok, %{business: :done}}

See more in the Pro Worker guide!

Dynamic Queues

The new DynamicQueues plugin extends Oban’s basic queue management by persisting changes across restarts, globally, across all connected nodes. It also boasts a declarative syntax for specifying which nodes a queue will run on. DynamicQueues are ideal for applications that dynamically start, stop, or modify queues at runtime.

Here’s a taste:

plugins: [{
  queues: [
    event: 30,
    basic: [local_limit: 10, only: {:node, :=~, "web|worker"}],
    audio: [local_limit: 20, only: {:node, :=~, "worker"}],
    video: [local_limit: 30, only: {:node, :=~, "worker"}],
    learn: [local_limit: 10, only: {:sys_env, "EXLA", "CUDA"}]

Check out the DynamicQueues guide for installation, configuration, complete typespecs, and a whole lot more reference.

Bug Fixes

  • [DynamicCron] Preserve unchanged attributes such as paused, args, etc. on init.

  • [DynamicCron] Respect the current timezone for @reboot jobs. Previously, @reboot expressions were evaluated on boot without the timezone applied. In that case the expression may not match the calculated time and jobs wouldn’t trigger.

  • [Chunk] Never calculate a negative timeout for chunks. Previously, during sudden periods of inactivity, it was possible for the waiting period to be negative.

  • [Batch] Ensure callbacks are only inserted once even when the callback condition matches multiple times.

  • [Batch] Overwrite unique keys for batch callbacks insertion to isolate them from any worker configuration.

  • [Batch] Remove batch_id match for batch worker perform. It was an unnecessary barrier to unit testing batch jobs.


  • [Lifeline] Lifeline is deprecated in favor of DynamicLifeline. The goal is to differentiate between the new BasicLifeline in Oban and the Pro version.

  • [PG] The PG notifier was moved to Oban and is deprecated. Replace any references to Oban.Pro.Plugins.PG with Oban.Plugins.PG.


  • [WorkflowManager] The long-deprecated WorkflowManager was finally deleted.


  • [Oban] Require Oban ~> v2.11 to make use of leadership for plugin activity.

Pro v0.10.1

Bug Fixes

  • [DynamicCron] Strip out extraneous timezone option before inserting a new scheduled job.

  • [Pro.Worker] Strip out extraneous stages option when building a job.

Pro v0.10.2


Bug Fixes

  • [Pro.Worker] Fix missing meta after recompilation in test/dev environments.

    After initializing stages and storing them as a module attribute they would mysteriously disappear when new/1,2 or process/1 was called subsequently. Deferring stage init until runtime prevents any disappearance and ensures that stages are available after initial compilation.

  • [Pro.Worker] Accept :snooze or :discard return types for recorded workers.